General sales conditions

Which information do we collect from you when you buy our product(s)?

We don't handle credit card information ourselves and keep no records of such type of information as all transactions are handled by PayPal (whether you are a PayPal member or not). All PayPal transactions, are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy. You don't need to become a member of Paypal, see here how that works.
We are since the beginning of 2015 required by law to register not only your name or Company name, but also your address, country, VAT number (if applicable) and e-mail address when you buy software on this site.
Your information in not publicly viewable and won't be shared with anyone else. Although PayPal will record the sale itself, it won't have access to the personal information you filled in on
This information is saved in the database on the server(s) of Siteground and we do our utmost best to protect it against unauthorized access. But we may be legally obliged to hand over transaction information when a governmental body demands it (official Institute that governs tax control, for instance).

Your personal information is only used in the scope of transaction/subscription. We may sporadically send news about important changes/updates on the software or subscription to the e-mail address you provided. See also our Cookies and Privacy policy.

Who has to pay VAT?

  1. Every company, organization or individual located in Belgium.
  2. Everyone located in the EU without a valid VAT number.
  3. Everyone in the EU using the product for personal use instead of business.

Business owners from Belgium can deduct the VAT they pay on this site by the usual procedures (contact your accountant if you don't know how to approach this). The percentage of VAT depends on the EU state you reside in.

Who does not need to pay VAT?

  1. EU-members outside Belgium with a valid VAT number do not need to pay the VAT, but they are required to fill in that number on in the VAT-field
  2. Anyone outside the EU member states is not required to pay VAT either.

We check VAT numbers.
EU-member, please make sure the VAT number is correct if you provide one. When the number is declared invalid by the European validation system, the system will charge VAT. If this is in error, use thepaypal payment confirmation to deduct taxes afterward. We cannot refund VAT when The European validity system does not recognize your VAT number.


Normally, the Paypal receipt is you invoice but you can ask for an official invoice if you are an EU business and want to deduct the costs from your taxes.
Make sure you provide us with the correct address.  Changes after we sent the invoice will incur a surcharge of 12.00 euro administration cost.
Invoices are sent by email.  If you want a paper version, we charge 1.90 euro postage(includes PayPal minimum commission)

License agreements and consent

As soon as you click on a Buy Now button, you agree with the related license agreement(s) of a particular product.  Therefore read them carefully before you buy so that you are well informed. Licenses are non-transferrable and they become invailid when you become insolvent.
As soon as you click the Process subscription button, you give your consent to store the information you provided in our database. However you can reverse at any time (see the What if I want you to erase all my information? section below).

Support account of the site

All material on the site, including manuals and documentation is copyrighted material and property of Footprint Communication, Belgium.
You may use manuals and documentation on the site solely to learn how to work with the software. It is prohibited to copy whole- or parts of the material to publish elsewhere, be it in print or electronically.
Since the support account is the only protection we have against piracy, we ask you not to create tutorials related to our software.

30 day - Money back guarantee

We are confident that you will like this extension/plugin. But it might not fit your needs or we may have been unclear about something. Therefore we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. However, we do ask you to read the information carefully before you buy, so that you can make a well informed decision.
You can always ask pre-sales questions here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For S3Media Stream we also invite you to read the Pre-sales FAQ.

If you have a problem or find a hidden shortcoming, contact us in the support section. We are happy to hear your feedback and we will adapt the extension if it contains an error.


  1. We will not refund after 30 days under any circumstances. You are expected to test the extension before the guarantee expires.
    Customers who ask a refund are required to remove all instances of the extension from their computer(s) and server(s).
  2. We will not refund when the reason for that refund is unrelated to the current workings of the extension. in other words, if you have a feature request we do not plan to implement or at a later date, that in itself is not a reason for a refund.  The extensions are sold AS IS and you are required to read the information and ask questions before you buy. But we do refund if we made something unclear.
  3. We require you to confirm by email that you deleted the software on all your server(s) and computer(s). Only after that, we give a refund.
  4. We will not refund the license of JW Player®.  You need to contact them directly in that case. Usually, they give a refund unless you wait too long.
  5. We only give refunds via PayPal. Under no circumstances do we send refunds to a bank account or any other method. You are solely responsible for retreiving the refund from PayPal, we do not intermediate in this.
  6. If a confirmation of removal arrives 60 days after the initial sale, we will deduct the commission fee of PayPal because the refund procedure is no longer available, therefore we have to use the regular "Send Money" procedure. Make sure you send that confirmation in time.
  7. We are not responsible for any eventual commission fees or other costs claimed by PayPal or any bank instutitions related to refunds.

After the cancellation/refund is granted and processed via PayPal, we will disable your subscription, process the legal obligation to store the proof of  refund in our offline account records and finally remove your account with all its details from our site. At that point, you can no longer log in.

What if I want to review my information or make changes?

If you wish, after the sale and confirmation e-mail, you can log in and change your profile via the My account link at the top right of the website. The data processed, i.e. the transaction before you change details may still be legally processed

What if I want you to erase all my information?

Just contact us.  We generally act upon your request within 48 hours (except on weekend and official holidays. We will ask you to confirm this specifically by e-mail as a double opt-out to make sure nobody else tries to impersonate you.
However, if you have an active subscription, this will be terminated upon deletion of your details and you won't be able to renew the subscription at a discount rate nor will you be able to seek support.
Also important: we can erase your information from the database but we can't erase the paper trail in our official account records because we are obiged to keep those records for at least 10 years.

What if I don't agree with the General sales conditions?

If you do not accept this, please do not buy a product on this site.

Subscription plans

Your license comes with a full year support. Once that year has expired, you can still use the software but you won't have access to updates or support any longer. You can renew your plan at a reduced price. You are free to follow this up or not.

Disagreement regarding license agreement or copyright infringement

Our company falls under the jurisdiction of Belgium (Europe).  Therefore, only the Court of the Province of Luxembourg can be called upon to decide a binding agreement between all parties involved.  Decisions by that Court are binding for international customers too.


All software is sold "as is". Although we check our software on viruses and spy ware before we upload it to the protected web space, we cannot 100% guarantee at any time that the software isn't tampered with. So, it is a good idea to check downloads with antivirus software before use.
You use the software at your own risk and we do not accept responsibility for any eventual loss of data or damage to your hardware or software. Always make a backup before you install our product(s).

We advice you not to download our products from file sharing websites like rapidshare, torrents or warez forums. Modified versions of our products might contain spy ware, steal sensitive information such as passwords, credit card information and more. Besides, we offer no support without a Support Key (which is your login and password).

Changes to the general conditions

We reserve the right to make changes to the General conditions at any time without prior warning. However, license agreements issued in the past remain in effect  as long as the customer does not upgrade the product to a new full version number. See also previous article.
Updates in between full versions have no effect on License agreements.

Something missing here?

If you feel some information is missing, contact us and we will reveiw your request add that information in as far as it is legally binding.