Payment process

 We currently use PayPal for our transactions but you do NOT need to become a PayPal member in order to pay. If you have one of the major credit cards, you can buy our software with it, provided you do not have a paypal account OR your browser has no cookies that registered you as being a member of PayPal. 

If you have a PayPal account and you do not wish to use it, use another browser that does not "know" about it, otherwise the credit card option will not show up as shown:


For purchases by customers in the EU, we ask for a VAT number. If you have a valid one, we do not need to charge VAT (rate according to the country you reside in). Belgian customers are required to pay VAT, whether they have a VAT number or not, but they can deduct it from their taxes in certain situations (contact your accountant for further information).
VAT is automatically calculated when you sign up for a subscription.
International customers are exempt from tax but are solely responsible for compliance with the laws of their country.