S3Media Stream 6.0.3 launched

First of all, we are happy to announce that S3Media Stream has undergone a couple of great improvements:
  1. Dynamic playlists for private streaming
  2. Private Key file placement no longer needed
  3. Private download distribution for HTML5 Fallback
  4. Separate version for PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3 - 5.4
Secondly, we would like to address a concern regarding the upgrade to JW player 6.0 (S3Media Stream 6.0 ships with JW Player 5.10).
But first, let's move to the improvements of:

s3mediastream-box-1.7-2.5-v6S3Media Stream 6.0.3

Dynamic playlists for private streaming

So far, it was not possible to use playlists for private streaming because those playlists are external xml files with static URLs, while private streaming requires expiring URLs generated on the fly. We have now a system where you can create your private streaming playlists directly in the article. Added bonus is that there is no more fiddling with xml files, you just add as many videos in the dynamic playlist as you like without writing any code.
The playlist is also HTML5 compatible, so there is no need to fiddle with two different playlists either.
You can also use public streaming for promotional videos/audios you want to go viral. It is also possible to set HD switching and Captions for each item.
The Dynamic playlist wizard shows up next to the Insert S3Media wizard in the article editor. Dynamic playlists are not available to modules.

Private Key file placement no longer needed

Lately, quite a few customers had problems placing the private keyfile behind the root of their domain. Especially GoDaddy blocked that option in the hope to sell a virtual server package. From now on, you simply place the content of the private key file in the field of the Private Key file and be done with it. Much easier, no problems anymore. This means when you install this version, you need change the private keyfile field in the Component or private streaming will no longer work.

Private download distribution for HTML5 Fallback

To improve playback on mobile devices, we now added support for download distributions next to the regular buckets. This is a big improvement, because progressive download relies on fast access to play without stuttering and S3 Buckets tend to be slow, especially when the visitor is not located in the same area.

Is this upgrade free?

The upgrade to S3Media Stream 6.0 is free to all customers who have an unexpired account. Customers who's account has expired can buy a renewal for $35.00.
The tutorial on Dynamic playlists is available in the support area now.

Although existing modules and media in articles should keep working, there is always a chance something goes wrong.
If you work on a live site, backup first and do not forget to change the private key file field by copy and past the full content of that file.
Please keep in mind that currently, only Joomla 2.5 is supported. Monday 4 march 2013, a version for Joomla 1.5 will be available.

JW Player 6

Upgrading to version 6.0

We have a special arrangement with LongtailVideo: Since JW player 6.0 lost a couple of interesting features, see also  http://www.miracletutorials.com/should-i-upgrade-to-jw-player-pro-6-0-or-premium/ and given the fact that JW player 6.0 requires a yearly renewal, we agreed to keep working with version JW player 5.10 on the condition that the customer will not get a license key from LongtailVideo as long as he/she uses S3Media Stream as is. When the customer wants to upgrade to JW Player 6.0, he can, but the yearly renewal will become a requirement.
Note also that if you buy a 1 site license, it is not possible to use s3Media Stream on one site and use JW Player 6.0 standalone on another. This will require a premium license.

AdSolutions no longer supported for all versions of JW Player

Longtailvideo decided to discontinue their AdSolutions service. Although this feature still exists in S3Media Stream 6.0, it stopped working.

If you have any questions regarding the new version of S3Media Stream, let us know on the contact page.
All the best,