iPad/iPhone and problems with private videos using S3Media Stream

Since iPad cannot display RTMP streaming videos as that requires Flash, the HTML5 Fallback method is used, which is a progressive download video, working with an expiring URL (also called signed URL).  When that download video stalls, iPad and iPhone seem to close the existing connection with the video. And if the visitor then clicks on the video again, nothing happens because the link is already expired if you set the expiring time short.

How to solve this?

Mihai had been struggling with this issue for quite some time and after a lot of testing he found out that if he sets the expiring time as long as the lenght of the video, there is no problem on iPad.
As we always advice to keep expiring time short, like 600 seconds or so, you may have to adjust your times if your audience uses iPad frequently.

Thank you for your feedback, Mihai.  It is much appreciated!
Rudolf Boogerman