How to access downloads and documentation

Thank you for buying from Footprint Add-Ons!

How to access your product and documentation

You can download the software by selecting the product(s) in the Downloads menu at the top.  

You can use the documentation and help files under the Support/Tutorials menu at the top.

No access?

If nothing is listed as a submenu, you are not logged in or your subscription has expired:

  1. If you are not logged in: Got to My account > Login before you proceed.
    (You can find the login details in the e-mail we sent you).
    If for some reason, you cannot login, check whether you enabled cookies for this site(box on the right).
    The membership section needs cookies enabled.
    If that is not the problem,  try the Forgot password? procedure underneath the login box (on the right).

  2. If your subscription is expired, you can renew any expired subscriptions here.
    To view details of your subscription, go to My account > My profile/subscriptions.

To change your profile, use the same link: My account > My profile/subscriptions

Need support?

In order to get support, you need to have a valid subscription. Log in, then go to Support/Documentation > Support request
We give one to one support via e-mail. The forum has been discontinued since e-mail support is more popular.
If needed, we can arrange a Skype meeting.