Dynamic inline playlist with MP4 videos

Dynamic playlist with watermark, repeatmedia set to 1 (continuous loop).  Viideo 3 has subtitles (use CC button to acivate).
Playists in JW Player 8 behave differently from the ones in the past, all videos are automatically played,whereas this wasn't the case in version 5.10:

Also playlist size and position are obsolete since JW Player 7. The quality of the videos here isn't really suited for full screen view. Quality depends on the resolution and compression. These videos are 480p. We recommend minimum 720p, or better still, use HLS adaptive streaming with a resolutions range starting from 1440p to 420p.

Below you find the same playlist with legacy embedding code from version 6.5, which switches RTMP private streaming automatically to private progressive download (for this a HTML5 fallback distribution must be set).  Repeatmedia is not set, therefore the playlist stops at the end of the last video:

HLS video module

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