Private streaming with HD switching and subtitles

Here we showcase HD switching. The player switches from a low resolution video to a HD version when the visitor clicks on the HD button. Note: this won't work with RTMP streaming, only progressive dowload. 
Yet, it must be set up as RTMP with Media Type streamingvideo and Primary mode set to HTML5.
This ensures that RTMP is automatically replaced by progressive download. You need to set a html5 fallback distribution or bucket as well. A web distribution gives better performance. Although HD switching is convenient, HLS adaptive streaming offers more bandwidth versions.

A sample with subtitles and width of 100%, aspectratio 16:9 and web distribution fallback:

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The same video with captionsback enabled, creating a semi-transparent bar behind the subtitles:

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We are working on the demo section

Due to a big update of JW Player we have to adapt the description of variuos demos. Some demos don't work.
When this notice is gone, all is well. In the meantime, If you want to see a particular demo, contact us.

HLS video module

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