Demos S3Media Stream Module

On the right is a HLS adaptive streaming video module positioned in the right hand sidebar position of our template.
Below you find a module embedded in the article:

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As you can see, it is perfectly possible to have a video or audio in the article itself while displaying another video via a module.  You can place them in any position, depending on your template.
Placing a module in articles is generally not needed because you can use the S3Media Stream wizard in article to directly embed shortcode in the article, but it is a possibility.

Advantage of modules

You can place them anywhere on your site.
If you work with certain content management extensions, it is not always possible to execute shortcode to display videos.
With modules, you can circumvent this problem.
Modules can also be linked to menu items, thus controlling on which pages they show up.

Disadvantage of modules

Modules are not suited for a large amount of videos and audios because every video needs its own module. Wading through hundreds of modules is inefficient.
Another disadvantage is that when you uninstall S3Media Stream, the modules are lost, while shortcodes in articles remain available.

Therefore, use modules sparingly.

HLS video module

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