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Footprint Player

Plugin Joomla Module Joomla Module compatible with Joomla 3.0

The extension is no longer available. Those who have already a license can continue to use it and active subscriptions will keep receiving premium support. See the home page for more info.
Sorry if this causes you any inconveniences.

Rudolf Boogerman
Footprint Communication

Footprint Player enables you to embed video and audio with expiring links (signed URLs) via CloudFront (AWS) to protect your media from unauthorized sharing.
The HTML5 player is fully responsive. It also has a protected download link feature that enables you to offer expiring links on the fly to any file type on AWS. Although the extension is based on S3Media Stream, Footprint Player ships and installs with Video.js 7.6. Video.js is a popular open source project sponsored by BrightCove and as such no extra license fee is needed (unlike JW Player). View the demos.

Protect your media

  • Protect your video and audio files from leeching or unauthorized sharing since the links to the media expire too quickly.
  • Deliver your protected PDF’s, PowerPoint files, Docs or ANY down-loadable file without fear of hotlinking.
  • Discourage screen capturing of videos with a dynamic watermark, showing Name, IP address and date of the visitor in any of the possible 4 positions in the player (does not work on all server configurations)
  • Footprint Player supports encryption with Amazon S3-Managed Keys (SSE-S3) and AWS KMS-Managed Keys (SSE-KMS) without restriction.

The extension can handle the following media options

  • Private progressive download video and audio (also called pseudo streaming) - mp4, webm, ogv,aac, wav, mp3, m4a
  • Semi-private HLS adaptive streaming video and audio with fallback option - m3u8, .ts
  • Semi-private MPEG-DASH adaptive streaming video with fallback option - mpd
  • Public external media (not served via AWS)
  • Dynamic video/audio playlist with signed URLs (up to 20 items)

You can embed video and audio in articles via the shortcode wizard or use the module to place media in other positions of your template.

Look and behavior features

  • Poster image to set an image as the preview for the video player, also possible for audios.
  • Autostart gives the option to automatically play media upon page load or wait for visitor's input.
  • Preload options to control bandwidth usage
  • Repeat media controls to repeat media automatically or play just once.
  • Player align to position the player left, right, center or template determined (none).
  • Control bar, show or hide option.
  • Captions/Subtitles for the hearing impaired or translation with extensive settings.
  • Inibandwidth to set the initial resolution to the size of the player in the page(HLS and MPEG-dash)
  • Encode URLs obfuscates links to media in the embedding code. It also prevents special characters from being translated by templates or other extensions, which would result in an invalid signed URL.
  • Speed selector to slow down or speed up a video or audio from 0.5 to 3x
  • Wave form to show a wave form in an audio

Branding options

  • Skin, adapt the skin with css or create a new one.
  • Watermark/logo with a link to any page and 4 possible positions in the video area.
  • About Text and About Link in the context menu can be customized to brand your player*.
  • Make an audio look engaging with poster image, watermark and subtitles

The following captions/subtitle formats are supported

  • webvtt (recommended as it is supported by iPad)
  • srt (not properly supported by iOS devices)

Footprint Player interface

Footprint Player supports multiple language versions of a subtitles/captions per video or audio. Thanks to Video.js, visitors have extensive options at their disposal to decide how subtitles are displayed:

Footprint Player subtitle options

How do signed URLs (aka expiring links) work?

Signed URLs use a private key file in combination with a time limit you can determine yourself for each video, audio or downloadable file. Footprint Player retrieves the information and turns it into a link that expires within the time you have set it. Expiring URL's can be set from 1 minute to a year or more.
By using expiring URLs, leeching or unauthorized sharing is therefore not possible. As such, you protect yourself from malicious site owners who want to publish your work on their site while you pay for the bandwidth.

What is the best protocol to protect video/audio from illegal downloads?

HLS adaptive streaming is somewhat harder to download because it consists of many video or audio segments which then have to be downloaded piece by piece and re-assembled again which is quite some work, although there exist download apps that can download almost anything. HLS can also circumvent corporate firewalls, which RTMP streaming can't. 
Note: HLS adaptive streaming cannot be set fully to private, due to the fact that it consists of m3u8 playlists with static links.

DISCLAIMER: No solution on the internet is 100% bulletproof, anyone telling you otherwise is lying or misinformed. Therefore we cannot guarantee that your media are 100% safe with Footprint Player. The best our extension can do is to protect the links to media by making them into signed URLs so that they can't be shared on other web sites or via social media and/or e-mail.
This only works with files that are private, residing on AWS.
Furthermore, obfuscation of links cannot prevent certain web inspection tools from de-obfuscating.

Detailed information

Quality Selector (HLS only)

While the video automatically shows the bandwidth version appropriate for the internet connection of the visitors, they can select the quality of the video (or audio) manually:

Video player HLS interface

Context menu

For instance, when a visitor right-clicks on a video, a context menu pops up with information about the player.

Footprint Player context menu

You can configure the About text and set the link to any page you like! 
You can set this in the component Footprint Player so that it becomes default for all your modules and media in articles.

Engaging Audios

Footprint Player supports wave forms for audios:


And the Audio example below (screenshot) shows a watermark, a poster image, a logo AND subtitles.

Audio interface full featured

Just like with video, in an audio you can have multilingual subtitles versions.


S3Media Stream has a very good track record regarding support. Footprint Player users will get exactly the same attention.
Setting up your AWS account for the first time is not that easy. There are some pitfalls, so you can do with some substantial support. 
Notwithstanding our extensive step-by-step tutorials and solutions to problems we offer, you might bump into a problem you cannot pinpoint and we are here to help. We want you to be happy with our extensions, so we help you all the way. As a premium support customer, you get an answer within 24 hours (except in weekends). In some cases, we contact you via Skype if e-mail support is insufficient.

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Information for S3Media Stream users

S3Media Stream users will feel at home with Fooptrint Player right away, it is even possible to process S3Media Stream shortcode with Footprint Player. But there are a few changes.  See this article for more information:Footprint Player vs S3Media Stream

Footprint Player™ and S3Media Stream™ are trademarks of Footprint Communication, Belgium. Video.js is an open source video player sponsored by BrightCove.

Footprint Player with VideoJS

Update history

Version 1.1 - 14 December 2019
Replaced redundant comment
Removed redundant javascript links
Added same speed options in playlists as in single media.

Version 1.0 - 30 August 2019
Based on S3Media Stream 8.7, rewritten to replace JW Player with Video.js.
Added Speed selector.
Added Wave form for audios.
Supports AWS KMS-Managed Keys (SSE-KMS without the need for an extra license.
Added support for existing S3Media Stream shortcode in articles.