Footprint Player - Shortcodes overview


ext plugin Overview of all the shortcode attributes and how to use them, followed by a list of deprecated attributes in version 8.

footprintplayer logoBelow follows the list of possible attributes and their options. The groups indicate that certain attributes belong together and have to be added in order for the media to work properly. For instance, the logo shortcode has 3 attributes, logo, logoposition and logolink. You need to use all three or this feature will not work. All shortcodes are case sensitive!

Here is a shortcode HLS example:

{footprint }mediatype=video|mediafile={/footprint}
Note that there is a space between {footprint and }. We've done that here to prevent the shortcode from being executed.

The attributes can be placed in any order you like but they need to be separated by the pipe | character. Do not use spaces between pipe characters.
For the convenience of users working preveiously with S3Media Stream, here is a list with deprecated attributes.

skin (name of skin in lower case, without .css extension)

Attribute Options Example (case sensitive)
title string with alpha and/or numerical characters title=My video tutorial
mediatype audio for HLS, Mpeg-dash, mp3, m4a, wav
video (for HLS, Mpeg-dash, mp4, webm, ogg).
link (for protected download links).

Full path to the media file.

Exception: protected download link. Only give name or folder/name and fill in the web distribution.


mediafile=mytutorial.pdf (download link)
mediafile=folder/mytutorial.pdf (download link)


Full path to a fallback video or audio format if the media file cannot pbe played (primarily useful for for HLS or MPEG-dash)

source2= or


Full path to second fallback format if source 2 can't be played either.
This makes playback bulletproof.


bucket Full path to the  web distribution.  For download links only. The name bucket doesn't sound logic for a web distribution but for historical reasons (being based on S3Media Stream) we didn't change it. bucket=
html5fallback For html5 fallback of RTMP streaming(for users of S3Media Stream only, otherwise leave empty).
Full path to the  web distribution to transform RTMP into progressive download.
expireseconds Expressed in seconds - minimum 600 recommended expires=600
posterimage Full path to poster image or if located in images folder, just the name.
Note that HLS automatically shows the first frame of the video. You can override that with a poster image.


logo Full path to poster image or if located in images folder, just the name.   (*) required extra atributes for logo 
logoposition* bottom-left (default)
(note the pipe characters in between)
logolink* Full path to any page.  
autostart 1 or 0 (default is 0) autostart=1
repeatmedia 1 or 0 (default is 0) Loops video or audio continuously. repeatmedia=1

aspectratio Relationship width and height, used for video only. HD video is 16:9, SD is 4:3 but you may use any relation to suit your specific format. aspectratio=16:9
player_align Use only in rare cases where the player looks badly aligned in the page 
controlbar 1 or 0 where Show=1 and Hide=0 (default is 1) controlbar=1
skin type the name of the skin. If you have several media on one page, the last skin indicated will override all players on that page, so mixing skins on the same page is not an option. skin=magmatic
speed 1 or 0 where Yes=1 and No=0 (default is 0)
Shows an icon with a selection of speeds ranging from 0.5 to 3
encodeurls 1 or 0 where Yes=1 and No=0 (default is 0)
Backward compatible with old values (yes/no)
captionslink Full path to the subtitle file. It is possible to set multiple language versions.
In order for subtitles to display properly accross browsers, you indicate, the name, language label and language code. Therfore, we need to use a fixed convention for the name of the subtitle file, like mysubtitle-English-en
where English is the label for the language and en is the language code. name, language label and language code are divided by a hyphen.
the extension .vtt should not be included.

Single example:

Multilingual example:

captionsstate Subtitles show automaticlly or wait for user to click CC button.
 or 0 where Yes=1 and No=0 (default is 0)
 captionsstate=1 or set this in Default settings

Various shortcode examples are shown in the tutorials themselves. Each shortcode is enclosed with:

{footprint }....{/footprint }

 Where . . . . is where you put the attributes. Remove the extra space after footprint, though. We show it like that, otherwise a player shows up instead and you can't copy the shortcode.
Note: no spaces allowed except in the title value.

Default settings

Quite a few attributes can be ommitted by setting them in the Content - Footprint Player plugin. This shortens the shortcodes considerably and it is easier to change things sitewide via that plugin. See the Default settings tutorial for this.

Shortcode examples

Each tutorial on the right has shortcode examples in case the shortcode wizard in the article editor doesn't work on your system. The more defaults you set up in the Content - Footprint Player plugin, the smaller the amount of shortcode is needed. 

Deprecated attributes (for S3Media Stream users only)

The following deprecated attributes are ignored when encountered in shortcode:

  1. mediatype swf deprecated, although existing shortcode still works for now.
  2. start deprecated
    duration deprecated
  3. hdfile options hdstate and hdfullscreen deprecated. Use HLS instead.
  4. responsiveplayer deprecated
  5. responsive_width deprecated
  6. aspectratio (percentage no longer accepted. Use 16:9, 4 :3, others…)
  7. width (deprecated as it is reguated via aspectratio)
  8. height (deprecated as it is reguated via aspectratio)
  9. playlistfile deprecated (use the dynamic playlist wizard instead)