Creating a custom HLS preset for Elastic Transcoder

The Elastic Transcoder presets are a great way to start from, but you may want to create additional higher resolution templates for HLS adaptive streaming or 360VR videos, for example.
See also What bitrate for HLS adaptive streaming to understand how to calculate bitrates, before you proceed.
To create a preset, login to the AWS console
Then look for the Elastic Transcoder service. Once you are in there, click Presets at the left. This gives you a long list of presets:

preset create2

  1. To quickly find the HLS presets, type hls in the Filter field.
  2. Then click the  System preset HLS 1M.

This opens the preset. Click the Copy button to make a copy:

preset create3

This creates a copy which you need to give a name and description:

preset create4

  1. For the Name field, we suggest HLS 3M. Make sure you remove the default System preset in the naming, to distinguish between your own preset and system presets because after a while you may forget what is custom and what is system default.
  2. For Description, we suggest something like: 3Mbs bitrate, resolution 1280x720 or 3Mbs bitrate - 720p.

For the other settings, you may follow the screenshot below(click on it to enlarge):

HLS 3Mbs preset

You may want to experiment with the Bitrate, because one range of videos may need more or less Mb's per second, depending on the complexity of the video.
Videos in which a lot happens, with many object and colors, need more bitrate than a talking head, for instance.

When you are ready with the changes, save the preset by scrolling down and clicking on the Create Preset button:

preset create5

If no errors are shown, your preset for the 720p resolution is ready to use for HLS adaptive streaming.

For a 1920 x 1080 resolution video, repeat the process of copying a preset and follow the setting below:


If you have questions or remarks, let us know.